Celebeauty – American Idol Edition: Adam Lambert

Hola Peoples!

So since, Tuesday night, President Obama had to have words with America – Idol was moved to Wednesday. Last night was Motown night on American Idol. The remaining contestants sung their favorite songs from the Motown catalogue.

However, you came here for BEST DRESSED. Well, I have to give it to the resident Emo Rocker-boy Adam Lambert, who changed up the game and went classic Elvis on us. He’s already a handsome guy, but looking at the pic below, I didn’t think he could pull off the classic ’60’s crooner look. Well, he did. He’s usually the dude with the black/blue nail polish and super-skinny jeans.

And he, really did a GREAT job on ‘Tears of a Clown’. Besides all the nailpolish and blue highlights, he actually has a great voice. Take a listen below.

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