Spring Trend: Denim Jackets

Sorry for posting so late in the day, I had a bit of writer’s block this morning.

No worries though, I’m back with that FAB FASHION for ya.

So as you can see, Kanye and Co (new girlfriend Amber Rose & rapper Kid Cudi) are seen sporting the most current trend – at least for this month – Denim Jackets.

Now, I HATE how Kanye is sporting his jacket with denim pants, but you gotta give it to Ms. Amber for taking the edge off her dominatrix look and pulling on an all American denim jacket.
So, why not get one. It’s not exactly a new trend, but you can use your new jacket to layer during these balmy, stormy, sometime-y, spring days.
  • NEVER match your denim – way too ’80’s
  • NEVER wear denim with applique, sparkles, or any BEDAZZLED elements
  • Always find a jacket that is cropped and fits close to your body.

    Take a look at the following selection of denim jackets.

Nashville has a LUCKY store on Green Hills mall as well as a FOSSIL denim store at Cool Springs – both sell very cute and affordable denim jackets.

Also try you local vintage/thrift store.

Click Here for a full selection of fab denim jackets

Here’s some video nostalgia – Lauryn Hill, ‘Everything is Everything’

Lauryn rocked the denim and brought it back for the new millennium.

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