I’m Moving . . . and Moving Sucks

I’ve rec’d comments asking why I haven’t updated the blog and I feel your pain. Well, Ms. Lyssa’s moving – to a new HOUSE! The house is beautiful and I feel very blessed with the opportunity to stretch and grow in a new space – HOWEVER, moving all my stuff from my OLD tiny apartment to this new house is NERVE WRACKING! You just don’t know how much stuff you amass after 7 YEARS. And being such a fashion minded young lady, cleaning out my closet is going to take at least 2 days.

So, this week I will donating and trashing all my old stuff to make room for new stuff in my new house. Cleaning up and driving back/forth from West Nashville to Antioch. Posting for the next 2 weeks will be sporadic. But if you need a fashion fix, feel free to linger to the RIGHT and look at some of my FAVORITE fashion/style blogs – they’d love the attention.

For another blogger’s HILARIOUS take on moving, click here 2 Minutes for Being Stupid: Moving Sucks

LOVE YA ~ Ms. Lyssa

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