Electrik Red – Def Jam’s Hot Girl Group (I love these girls)

Album in stores/on-line May 26, 2009

I gotta give FABGIRL Sabrina the props for turning me on to this group. But OHH – I really like this group, more so I love their styling. I guess I would call it ‘Round-the-Way Glamour’.

It’s a lil less than the Rihanna (I only rock Gucci and Louis Vuitton straight off the runway) look, but exactly the way I wish Ciara would be styled (have you seen her lately, not FAB at all). Their style is more attainable – the regular girl could rock it without looking crazy. Plus, they have a certified summer banger in heavy rotation right now. Now, this ain’t yo Destiny’s Child, some of their lyrics are racy – however they have the charisma and swagger to still come out on top and remain bossy not slutty. Good Deal!

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