$1 Flip-Flops at Old Navy

Yup, you read it right – Old Navy is having a really fab Memorial Weekend Sale and the flip-flops will be $1 on Saturday. So you better get there quick and fast, because to my visual knowledge (haha) Nashvillians love them some FLIP-FLOPS!!

I’m not gonna lie, I love flips too. You guys know that I am a sneakergirl, and a flip-flop is like a sneaker without all the cotton – aww heaven for my toesies! Plus, I love pedicures especially from this place in Green Hills Mall – those ladies are angels without wings and they can make you feel awesome when you get your pedicure. NEVER EVER wear your flips without your toes looking fab – that is not cute!

So, get up on Saturday morning, go to Old Navy, buy some Flips (up to 5 pairs), then go to Green Hills Mall and get an awesome pedicure. You are now ready for a awesome Memorial Day Weekend. Oh yeah, they have other stuff on sale too – I love their graphic tees and flirty skirts this summer – but stay away Old Navy’s version of those City/Maxi Dresses – I warned you about that.

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