Fab News: Victoria Beckham’s Birkin Obsession

Well, well, well, the Internet is all abuzz at reports of Ms. Beckham exclusive Birkin Bag collection – stories are citing that she owns over 100 Hermes Birkin bags worth more than $2 Million! It ain’t trickin’ if you got it!! Some bloggers are in an uproar saying that Beckham is greedy, impossibly vulgar, and just plan crazy to be flaunting these elusive bags when the world’s economy is in a shambles. I do not agree.

We all know celebrities don’t pay for most of the ultra-pricey items they own – from cars to clothes, celebrities are pampered by designers and manufacturers just for a photo op from the paparazzi – which equals guaranteed exposure and automatic demand for said item. If, Posh is lucky enough to be courted by Hermes, more power to her – her swag game is on 100,000 because we all know that chick does nothing but shop, dress, and walk around with her fine husband.

So what’s in her EXCLUSIVE birkin collection and how can a rich average girl get her hands on one? Well, pictured above is the $100,000+ Birkin Himalaya bag, a birthday gift from her husband. It’s encrusted with diamonds and there are only 3 in the entire world. In, addition, Posh has at least one Birkin to match each of her outfits – Top of the list is her 10 Birkins, including her Hermès Ostrich, Crocodile, Rouge, White and Black Clemence Hermès Birkins.

The average Birkin starts around $7,000, which shows why only the rich can afford to carry one on their arm. The richest of women has to wait to even be put on the WAITING LIST to get one of these exclusive bags. The waiting list for a Birkin opens only twice a year (once in spring, and again in autumn), and as soon as it’s full, the list is closed until the next season. Hermes only produces 5 bags per week – and only in their Paris workroom. Prices of the standard 35cm Birkin range from around $7.000 – $15,000, depending on the leather or exotic skin, with a price tag far higher for a special edition. So, owning a Birkin lets the world know -“Hey, I’m ultra rich!”

So, if Mrs. Beckham can have all the fun, let her – I can only pray to be rich enough to own JUST ONE Birkin – and when I do, you will see me flaunting that fab piece of arm candy all over the place. Oh yeah, when I do get my Birkin it will be kelly green and it will be ostrich – thanks Hermes!

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