Music Video: Spaceship – Kanye West

Spaceship from kwest on Vimeo.

You know Ms. Lyssa is an absolute hip-hop head and I love Kanye (no matter what people say) so I was so happy to see this video surface on hypebeast this morning.

This is my FAVORITE song that Kanye has ever done. It’s from his first album College Dropout. I don’t know why it’s out now, but I always wanted to see a video for this song. Plus, if you listen to the lyrics, it will ring true for every college graduate, single parent, young person, trying to find their way. You know, when you gotta work at that mall job because you don’t have enough money or experience to do the thing you are REALLY passionate about. This video is classic Kanye, before the Louis Vuitton and model chicks, but the concept still hits home.

Stylistically, this video feature Kanye in the style that made him famous; the preppy look. Low Ceasar fade, polo sweater/button down combo, and classic pair of kicks. Guys, you can never go wrong with this style, it works for every guy no matter height, size, or weight.

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