Celebeauty: Solange shaved her head too .. . . .

Hola Fashion people, it’s Ms. Lyssa!

Look-a here, look-a here – One of my favorite fashion risk-takers joined the crowd and chopped her locks too . . . so far so good. Solange looks more like she got tired of the weave-a-licious lifestyle the Knowles sister have grown up on and is going for the natural look.

Many bloggers are saying this is a desperate attempt for her to NOT be like Beyonce, however, I think it’s more of Solange just being more like herself – a definite RISK TAKER. Plus Solange hangs with the shaved head crew – read more about them HERE, so ya’ll knew it was coming

On the fashion tip – this top she is rocking i the BUSINESS! Loves it! So do we like Solange’s new hair-do? Hit me up in the comments section – – –

Love Ya,

Ms. Lyssa

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