MUSIC: D. Harp releases debut project, A.L.B.U.M

Rapper, D. Harp (aka Jonathan Orr) is a friend of mine. I’ve know him for a couple of years, but did not know that he was a talented rapper. Of course, I was skeptical, especially since he was a pro-football player with musical aspirations. It seems like all professional athletes want to be rappers. But after listening to a couple of tracks from his debut CD, I was made a true fan. D. Harp’s flow and lyricism are not to be undersold. In addition, he raps a message of inspiration and hope. You wouldn’t expect lyrics like this from a former football player. However, his rhymes about overcoming and looking past the obvious ring true coming from someone who has lived the fast-paced, often over glamorized life of a professional athlete.

Take a look at his bio, below and listen to the debut song from YouTube. You will be sure to be a fan.

Detroit native Jonathan Orr has completed his first Christian rap CD dubbed “The A.L.B.U.M.” A Look Beyond Usual Conceptions.

Orr is a former Tennessee Titans player who is now focusing on his creative side. As an artist, Orr goes by D. Harp, which is short for David’s Harp.

“My biggest desire as an artist is to be used like David’s Harp was used in I Samuel 16,” Orr said. He aims to use his gifts and talents to glorify God and edify others.

“I hope that after listening to this project people have God’s perspective on the different misconceptions surrounding purpose, salvation, identity and material possession,” Orr said.

Orr’s musical influences include Da Truth, Trip Lee and Stephen Williams. He describes his musical style as smooth, Biblically sound and fun.

Earlier this year, he began doing comedy at local venues and is a part of L.O.L. (Light of Laughter) Network.

For more information or to book Orr for an engagement, visit or email

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