Celebeauty – Halle Berry looking casual + buy her shirt

Aww – look at Halle Berry looking so casual and fab! I swear this chick never fails. Plus, I love the fact that she’s back to the short hair, always a good look.

Let’s check the outfit shall we – I love her vampire smiley face t-shirt and over the knee (OTK) flat suede boots. Very simple, chic, and fly. AND so very accessible.

You can buy a Halle’s shirt at KarmaLoop.com for 108.00. It’s made by a company called Wildfox, and they have so many cute casual shirts and leggings.


You can go to one of my favorite online retailers,
Fred Flare, sells a shirt that puts me in the mind of Halle Berry. It’s the happy/sad reversible shirt and it sells for $44 on the website. Isn’t it so cute?! You could totally achieve Halle’s look with this shirt.

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