MUSIC: Diggy Simmons ‘Made You Look’ video + download

So you know the Fab Girls love the Simmon’s kids – Angela, Vanessa, JoJo, Russy, Diggy, and the Baby. We can’t get enough of the charisma, family integrity, and the style. So we were super happy to see Diggy launching out as a fashion guru, cool blogger, and rapper. Don’t front, the boy got skills and he’s not afraid to tell ya. Well with your dad being one of the most historic rappers alive and your roll model/mentor being Pharrell, you can’t go wrong.
Check out Diggy video for the freestyle ‘Made you look’ (clipped from Nas’ classic song) it’s great! The lyrics are awesome too!

Oh yeah, if you haven’t downloaded it, your boy gotta mixtape too. Click the album cover to download.

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