America’s Next Top Model: Where are they now? – Elyse Sewell

Elyse Sewell is from the very first season of America’s Next Top Model. She was an intellecual who just happened to be one of the best in ANTM history. This girl is naturally an amazing model! She’s just one of those people that has just got “it” as they say. She made it to the top 3 of ANTM, but many said that she should have won.
Here’s a picture of one of Elyse’s best photographs while on ANTM. Flawless. I don’t know if I could do the whole snake thing…Kuddos Elyse!

Since the show, Elyse started her own blog where she blogs about her experiences modeling overseas. She gets the bulk her work in Asia, and she has made herself a household name in Japan, China, Korea and more. Here are a few pictures of the work that she’s done overseas…

This picture is one of my faves. I.Live.4.This.
Congrats on all of your sucess Elyse!

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