Celebrity Style Round Up

Happy Friday Fab Glancers! Lets start our Celebrity Style Round Up shall we?
Lets get these handsome men out of the way so us girls can get all fabbed up…
Lets start with the wonderful, the handsome, the talented Mr. Maxwell gracing the pages of GQ magazine. This man has more swag in his pinky then most…I digress lol.
Lookin Sharp and Trendy Max!
Usher has a new album coming out called Raymond vs. Raymond. He’s been making his way around the states promoting the album. If you’re a man, and you’re going to walk the streets, you should look like this man. That is all.

Don’t hurt em Ursha!
Diggy Simmons never fails in showing us that he can just plain “dress!” This talented 15 year old is seen here signing to Atlantic Records. If he dresses this way now…I can’t imagine what he’ll be like when he’s an adult! Great taste Diggy!
View his blog here
I saw this picture of Mel B. from the Spice Girls on TheYBF. I was so happy to see Mel B without that “too shaved” hair and a fun flirty spring/summer look. I love this cover up. Ladies take note…if you’re going to cover up, try something like this instead of a t-shirt or shorts.

Loves it!
Tasha Smith is so amazing that only she could pull off this Diana Ross inspired look. This chick is red glitter from head to toe, and I love every minute of it.

Why did I get married is in theaters next weekend. Tasha is seen here at the premier.
Janet Jackson and her sister Rebe were also at he premier. Janet and her sister are just too cute. They know the true meaning of defining a waist. Flawless!

Jill Scott was also at the Premier. The Fab Girls want to love this look, but we feel as though something is missing. Or maybe something needs to BE missing. We just can’t put our finger on it. What do you guys think? Hit up the comments section.

And last but not least…Kelis was spotted looking normal. I would like to thank her for finally getting it right. Kelis, this is how you should always look. Her dress is beautiful and soooo spring, but her earings and acessories still give her the edge she likes.

Thank you Kelis. Just Thank you.
Have a fab weekend everyone!
B Fab!
FabGirl Sabrina

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