EVENT: 69th Annual Iroquis Steeplechase – Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where: Percy Warner Park, Nashville, TN
What: Annual horse race and charity event. Helps raise money for Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital

What to wear: CLICK HERE – I talked about the event last year, and many of the same rules apply: Cute dresses, big hats, and cute sandals.

Derby Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO – Wear wedge heels, ballerina flats, or embellished flip-flops because of all the grassy areas
  • DO – Opt for a CONSERVATIVE hemline – Being outside, in grassy areas, and unknown weather influence, ladies want to keep it classy and stylish specially if it’s a windy day.
  • DO – Keep you alcohol consumption to a minimum – you’ll be hob-knobbing with some of Nashville’s elite, you don’t want to be sloshed when you get a chance to meet a potential employer.
  • DO – Go with a group of your besties – this is a perfect time to welcome the spring season.
  • DON’T – Think you’ll be getting a box seat – Box Seats have been claimed and are pretty expensive.
  • DON’T – Forget your SUNSCREEN. This is an outside event with the potential for MAJOR sunburn.

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