SUMMER 101: The Perfect Summer Bag

Summer officially begins on June 21, but the heat is already here in TN. I’m sure many of you have planned you vacations for the 2010 season. Whether your are beach or city bound, going from work to your favorite outdoor restaurant, or going out for the weekend , you need a good handcar to carry you to your destination.  Well, I’m here to help. I know picking a good hand bag is all about personal preference, there are some 2010 trend guidelines you can take into consideration before you make you purchase.

  • A good summer bag is big enough to handle the transition of a summer day, with the fashion sense to be worn with a variety of your summer clothes.
  • A good summer bag has bit of flare to it: Studs, Jewels, and Texture are ways to add some ‘wow’ to your bag.
  • A good summer bag is NOT to be confused with a beach tote. Beach totes are cute, but they’re for beach purposes only.
  • A good summer bag has an interesting shape.
  • A good summer bag is NOT always a straw bag, but can have intricate fabric or leather woven into a fun pattern.
  • A good summer bag is not black.

Below are some very fab summer bags that you can purchase.

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