Willow whips here hair with dancers on the set of her new video.

Cutie, Willow Smith, debuted her new video for her new single Whip My Hair. The precocious 9 year old starts the video by walking into a room of color-less drones, dips her hair extensions into paint, and whipping her head in a frenzy splashing colors and bring life to the lives of the robotic drone turned dancers.

Of course the Fab Crew loves the video! I crowned Willow, America’s newest fashinista in my previous post: CELEB STYLE: Willow Smith – Lil Fashionista and newest pop star? . On my twitter feed, many viewers were angry at Willow’s age and apparent talent. Well, I’m all about kids doing great things with their new found talents. I’m also happy her family supports her in her creative endeavors. I’m sure she’s gonna do big things in the future!

So take look at her new video and make sure you give love to the kids doing positive things.

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