REVIEW: Nashville Fashion Week 2011 – Day 2

After the first day of Nashville Fashion Week on the 22nd floor of the Pinnacle Building, on Day 2, the Nashville Fashion Week committee decided to take the party outside – to the historic Arcade area in Nashville. The Arcade in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, is a covered shopping arcade built in 1902 and modeled after European arcades (source). The Arcade was Nashville’s first shopping center. How fitting that the Nashville’s first fashion week take place in this historic destination.
We started the night at the Rymer Gallery for cocktails and conversation. Sitting in the warm gallery (across from the Arcade) we watched the line form down Fifth Avenue as glam fashion followers waited eagerly to enter the space to watch the nights events. Truly, the weather was fierce. Mother Nature decided to blast winter weather winds in our direction as the temperature dipped to a brisk 35 degrees. Anything for fashion, I thought, as I waited for the show to start.

As soon as the lights lifted the beautiful glass and iron structure was illuminated with glorious color. First down the runway was Melissa Tabor. Tabor’s line was created in 2006. This RTW line featured fitted dresses, exposed zipper details, and lovely ladylike appeal. Fab Girl Sabrina and I wanted everything that came down the run way. Her clothes are just so wearable and the style will appeal to most women.

Following Melissa Tabor, was GADO GADO by Belinda Kazanci. Reading the Nashville Fashion Week guide, I saw that Ms. Kazanci donates some of her sales to aid and empower women in third world countries. Her global endeavors are apparent in her design. My favorite pieces by GADO GADO were all the pieces with graphic design print as the general motif. Seen above, the printed dresses (some floor length) drew lots of crowd reaction.

Betsey Johnson, presented by the Green Hills Mall, tagged as a headliner for the night. I was ready to see the fun and fearlessness that is the usual for a Betsey Johnson show. I waited, and waited, and waited and there was no fun to be seen. The models could not bring what the clothes exemplified. In addition, the clothes didn’t knock me out. Well, there was a sailor suit that I liked, but that was about it. Moving on . . .

Ben Sherman was there to represent for the men. The line is the fourth largest men’s casual wear designer in the UK. The models were great. The clothes were pretty basic. It reminded me of a high level Gap.

photo source
 Now, T. Rains was the SHOWSTOPPER! Designer, Traver Rains, formerly of Heatherette debuted his line at Fashion Week. One could only describe T. Rains as cowboys and Indians a la couture. There were feathers, cowboy hats, graphic t-shirts, plaid, and lots of tulle. Rains brought the fun that I expected from Betsey Johnson. When the last model appeared, adorned in a LARGE blue chiffon Native American inspired headdress, the crowd erupted with delight. T. Rains stole the show!
 Take a look at the video below to see the full runway show

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