Kelly Cutrone visits Nashville for Fashion Week 2011

The sign above says it all. PR Maven, certified Bad Girl, and successful entrepreneur, Kelly Cutrone came to speak to the fashionista for Nashville Fashion Week 2011 on Friday, April 1. Many know Kelly from her stint on the MTV reality show, The Hills and her own reality show, Kell on Earth. But those in fashion world know her for her company’s fashion and PR work. Her company, People’s Revolution, is internationally known.The company promotes and markets upcoming and established fashion lines; this includes producing fashion, producing lookbooks, etc.
Kelly Cutrone is a brand. On The Hills she was known for her direct and edgy attitude. Many would call her a ‘bitch’, but she’s more of a shrewd business woman who knows her customer and her audience. She’s an author who has two books, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside and Normal Gets You Nowhere (May 5). Both books focus on taking women out of their box and pushing them towards their potential. Kelly uses her own life to help move readers forward.

Kelly arrived to Belcourt Theatre wearing her signature black attire. She spoke about her life, the fashion industry, and being a strong woman. Cutrone spoke with passion about being a mother, friend, and business woman. After speaking for almost an hour, Cutrone opened the floor to questions. She expected the audience to ask about Lauren Conrad from The Hills but surprisingly the audience wanted to know about the fashion industry, internships with her company, and her spirituality. Cutrone answered the questions with finesse, style and humor often segwaying into stories of her past hardships and success. She simply captivated the audience.

Later, I was able to speak with Cutrone and take the picture above. She was kind enough to sign several books for fans who wouldn’t be able to go to her meet-and-greet.
Keep up with Kelly on twitter: @peoplesrev

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