REVIEW: Miguel performs in Nashville, ‘wows’ the crowd

 First off, let’s give a shout out to Lovenoise Nashville for making 2011 epic in the Nashville music scene.The Lovenoise crew is known for bringing great artists to Nashville, but this year they stepped their game ALL the way up. On Friday, April 22, Miguel brought his new-school cool to Nashville.

Miguel, fresh off Usher’s 2010 tour, has been steadily moving up the charts with his song, Sure Thing. The crowd may have been ready to hear their favorite song, but Miguel slow-walked the crowd through his entire CD. His performance garnered plenty of new lifetime fans.
Miguel is the ultimate performer. Even on the incredibly small stage at MAI, he and his 2 guitarists kept the crowd entertained with their ‘too-cool-for-school’ dance moves. Really, Miguel can dance and he can sing, most time performing the songs exactly the way they play on the cd, so that his fans can sing along. He’s a reminder that the Prince legacy of performance, song writing, and dance can actually live on through today’s artists. And, to further add to his Prince comparisons, he ended his set singing Little Red Corvette.  Prince would have been proud.
It was incredible to see the effect Miguel had on this Nashville crowd. Sure, they waited more than an hour for him to get on the stage and suffer through a stinky crackly sound system (seriously, get the sound right), but halfway through the set, the crowd forgot about those disappointments.  Girls were swooning, guys were singing the lyrics, and everyone was surprised by the guy on stage who arrived wearing a red leather jacket and his sunglasses (at night) – LOL.

Check out the performers coming to Nashville in the next couple of weeks:

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