SUMMER 101: How to wear the maxi-skirt

Even though Nashville’s weather is a bit drab, you know the hot weather is coming very soon. That’s why Fab Glance is here to tell you about the hot trends for the summer. First up, is the Maxi Skirt. Hmm, sounds familiar, huh? Sounds like the Maxi-dress. Well it is. For more than 2 years, the maxi-dress has been the summer staple for many ladies. This floor-sweeping design flatters many body-types. 
The maxi-skirt is a variation onf the popular summer style. The maxi-skirt can be worn casually (seen above) or dressed up (seen below). The maxi-skirt gives you more styling options than the maxi-dress. Adding a shirt, vest, or jackets can add your own bit of individuality to your summer wardrobe. In addition, maxi-skirts can transition well into the Fall.
You don’t want to do is look like a bag-lady when wearing your maxi-skirt. Make sure to stay correct in your proportions by paring skirts with:
  • structured jackets
  • fitted tanks
  • layered jewelry
  • cropped shirts
  • wedge heels
Below, take a look at the maxi-skirts available for sale. I hope you add one to your summer wardrobe.

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