Fashion News: Versace and H&M collaborate

Umm, yes, you read that right! The iconic style of Versace (a favorite of 1990’s rap artists) is teaming up with H&M the new current favorite of fashionistas and hipsters. This is fashion heaven.

Many department stores, like Target, have found economic success when they team up with high-end designers to create capsule collections. Capsule collections are usually priced a bit higher than the store’s regular offerings, but give customers exclusive pieces that are produced in limited quantities.There will be 40 pieces for woman, 50 pieces for men, and dozens of accessories.

Donatella wears a piece from the new H&M collection

Although Nashville does not have an H&M customers can purchase pieces online. Luckily, H&M’s online retail site is projected to be running for the US market just in time for Versace’s collection. Let’s cross our fingers.

Take a look at the video, to get a sneak peak of the design action:

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