SUMMER 101: Orange lips on trend to win

MAC Morange lip color

I got to shout out my mom for making me a believer of orange lipstick for the summer. When I went home for Mother’s Day my mom was rocking her favorite Mary Kay lipstick as if it was the only lipstick on the planet. She dressed it up, she dressed it down, and she walked all around town. I, being the plain palette girl that I am, was not feeling her orange-y orange lips.

But, if you know my mom, you know she rocks to the beat of her own drum; she couldn’t care less. She said, “Melissa, orange lips are in. Period. All the hot stars are wearing it. PLUS, I like it.” After which she continued to prep her orange pout.

As you know, I scroll through tons of celeb photos thought out the day. I came across Eva Marcille wearing her orange mouth at the premier of Jumping the Broom – this sort of neon-ish color started to grow on me. Then, Katy Perry rocked orange lips at the MTV Music awards earlier this year. But I still wasn’t convinced. I need to see some more faces.

“This color suits most people. It’s more modern than last season’s red lip and it complements every skin tone and makes your eye color pop. It’s incredibly effective!” (source)


So, it’s official, orange lips are the new red lip for summer 2011. Why, well it looks great on almost every skin tone. From my ivory to chocolate orange lips make you say summer in every way. Plus, orange is the official summer color of 2011. I’ve been killing orange in in my Polyvore set (if you haven’t noticed). Take a look at the set I created below. Aww, an orange lip would be BOSS with this outfit.

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