Model Behavior: FabGirl Sabrina shoots in Nashville, I style!

I got to style a shoot last night – hair, make-up, and wardrobe. Fab Girl Sabrina and I were  invited to a Flash Party. Flash Parties are where a group of photographers come together to practice shooting at a designated location. This time we were on Donelson Pike at a place called The Graffiti Car Wash. I loved the backdrop with fresh graffiti provided by Mike ‘The Wizezest Rhino‘ Propes.

I love writing, but styling is truly my passion. It’s like pulling puzzle pieces together. You have to know what the photographer wants, assure the model that he/she doesn’t look crazy, and make sure your style/technique is translated in the photos. It’s a thrill, because although I’m not in front of the camera, you can see me all over the image. I styled Sabrina in an urban type outfit. She had several changes, but this outfit worked so well. Aren’t we loving the hair too!?

These are some behind the scenes pics, but I’ll be sure to post the finished photos real soon. We worked with photographers Dan Broadrick, Patrick Collins, and Danny Myers (whom I love and have worked with several times). Hope you like it!

One thought on “Model Behavior: FabGirl Sabrina shoots in Nashville, I style!

  1. Amazing video! Outfits are perfect and the collar is a great. you have done a great job & you are so pretty. Congratulations! I really enjoyed your blog. Good luck. Regards


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