BET Awards 2011: Best Dressed

WHEW! Those BET Awards took alot out of me! The performances were . . .ehh . . .lackluster (except for Kelly Rowland) and the celebs really didn’t bring their ‘A’ game when it came to dressing for the occasion (check out the Best Dressed from 2009 and 2010). However, I found a couple of fab clebs who were looked great on the green carpet!

Nia Long looked AMAZING! She’s currently showing her pregnancy glow in this wonderful white dress.
Joan, oops, I mean Tracee Ellis Ross graced the green carpet looking awesome. When she wants to retire those red suede Louboutins she can holler at me!
Dawn, Kaleena, and Diddy rocked the all white as they accepted their award on stage. Looking good!
Lala Vazquez hasn’t looked this good since her wedding day! Stylist to the stars June Ambrose is responsible for this chic look. Good job LaLa.

Oh yes, Boris Kodjoe is looking RIGHT! I mean, what else do I need to say . . .
And then Idris Elba comes on the scene. He was the only celeb who dressed appropriately for the weather. Guys, please take note!
Host, Kevin Hart, shined on the green carpet as well. The periwinkle color suited his chocolate complexion. He was an amazing host!

Now let’s get to the QUESTIONABLE looks of the night:
Nicki Minaj’s dress and boots were so FAB – the leggings, not so much! Ughh Nicki, you’ve done better.
Willow Smith won an award tonight rocking this outfit. Sigh! However, she can give me that Fresh Prince of Bel-Air shirt – very fly!
And HERE is the FAIL of the night! CEO of BET Deborah Lee wore this tent dress. It’s brown, and a trapeze, and ill-fitting, and . . . just wrong! She has too much money to look like this!

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