VIDEO: Kanye West & JAY Z – OTIS

You should have known I was going to post this video. Below is the video for the song ‘Otis’ Kanye West & Jay-Z released the first video from their critically acclaimed collaboration Watch the Throne. The album was released exclusively through iTunes on Tuesday and is slated do extremely well, already sitting at #1 on the iTunes charts.

‘Otis’ has become an instant favorite of fans. The song samples Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness”
 but they sampled it in such a creative way. Is it possible that Kanye and Jay-Z’s version is even more soulful than the orginal? Well you’ll have to listen to make that decison.

Oh, and the video – fun times! Fun times indeed. Kanye and Jay-z appear to be the happiest they’ve ever been; smiling, laughing, and even . . . dancing! This video will ensure that Watch the Throne will go platinum in no time.

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