READ THIS: VOGUE Best Dressed – Special Edition

Vogue published it’s annual Best Dressed issue. This special edition spotlight hot trends and style guides. IN this year’s issue, Vogue chose dynamic fashion duos who happen to be sisters. The cover girls are Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. Take a look at the list below. Not familiar with some of these ladies, I’ve included pictures below.

  1.  Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
  2. Dakota and Elle Fanning
  3. Claire, Virginie, Jenna, and Prisca Courtin-Clarins
  4. Lily and Ruby Aldridge
  5. Poppy and Cara Delevingne
  6. Bianca and Coco Brandolini
  7. Beyonce and Solange Knowles
  8. Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon
  9. Catherine and Pippa Middleton
  10. Rooney and Kate Mara

Dakota and Elle Fanning – Both are actresses but both are budding fashionistas. Their ethereal blond hair and bright blue doll eyes have earned the two covers of fashion magazines. In addition, Elle was the face of Marc Jacobs last year.
 The Clarins Grandaughters – They are two sets of sisters, Claire & Virginie and cousins Prisca & Jenn, there grandfather is the creator of Clarins Skincare company.
 Lily and Ruby Aldridge – Lily is a Victoria’s Secret model and Ruby is the former face of Marc by Marc Jacobs. Their half brother is photographer Miles Aldridge and they even have half-sister, Saffron, who also models. I guess beauty runs in the family.
Poppy and Cara Delevingne – Here’s another set of successful model sisters. Both modeled for Burberry, and have several other brands under their belts. The lovely London Ladies spend time in the states as well as in the United Kingdom. They are regulars on the fashion scene.
Bianca and Coco Brandolini – These Italian Socialites have been featured in Vogue Editorials, but the real sizzle is in their personal style and street-wear.
 Beyonce and Solange Knowles –  We already know these heavy-hitters rule the music industry, but they also stand-out in fashion circles; Solange more so than Beyonce. Although Beyonce has stepped her game up since she’s gotten pregnant. 
Charlotte Gainsberg and Lou Dillion – Mother, Jane Birkin, brought two stylish ladies to the world. Lou is a model/actress and Charlotte is an actress/singer. These french fashionista have a no-nonsense style that permeates with many modern ladies.
 Kate and Pippa Middleton – You already know these lovely ladies, one is the new Duchess and the other is her sister. These ladies have a down-to-earth fashion sense that makes everyone feel comfortable in their royal presence.
 Rooney and Kate Mara – These two sisters are actresses. Much like the fanning sister, they have beauty and talent.

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