PHOTO-SHOOT FAB: Brandy for YRB Magazine

You know I’m a fan of a great photo shoot – so I’m happy to share these photos from singer, Brandy’s, photo shoot for YRB magazine. Can we give her a round of applause for this loveliness!?

In the article, Brandy talks about her new project due in the summer, Whitney Houston, and her new sound (source). I’m excited that Brandy is coming renewing her musical career. Lord knows, her talent can’t be hidden. She has one of the best voices in the industry!

Oh yeah, the short hair – looks great!

  • Photography by Miguel Starcevich
  • Styling by Darius Baptist
  • Hair by Kim Kimble for Margaret Maldonado
  • Makeup by Eric Ferrell/dion peronneau L.A.

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