EXCLUSIVE: New Artist, Myshel talks dreams, music, and positivity

One thing you need to know about singer, Myshel Wilkins, is she’s not your average rising star. A recent conversation with the former college beauty queen allowed me to fully understand the magnitude of her gift. She’s has a beautiful face AND and beautiful voice – but refuses to let her beauty get ahead of her talent. Myshel knows the responsibility she has to her audience (and to the music industry) and she’s not taking her position lightly.

Last week, I had the opportunity to talk with this rising star. We talked about her new project, Relentless, which debuts in May, her new sound, and the beauty of following your dreams!

Myshel’s father traveled the world as a missionary. He took his lil’ girl with him. Traveling the world at a young age opened Myshel’s eyes to music, charity, and the beauty of following her dreams. Of her travels she says that being able to help people who could not help themselves “gets to the marrow of your bone.” She was taught to use her level of influence to help people. She uses this same idea when it comes to her music. Instead of seeking stardom just for fame and riches, she wants to use her fame to bring freedom and relief to those who struggle.

When she first started her professional musical journey, she was coined as a neo-soul singer, since that was popular during the era. This time around she didn’t want to compromise her sound nor her musical values. She says the project is a bit pop, rock, and has some mainstream influences. The change in musical direction can be attributed to Myshel performing as background singer for the last couple of years.

Myshel has worked with several A-list artists. She gushes about working with people who had the power to sing songs that allowed them to be THEM. I asked her, if singing other people’s music helped or hindered her musical growth. She emphatically said it helped her! That same way of thinking gave Myshel the power to sing songs that showcased who Myshel, the artist, truly was.

She remarked, that the process of creating her new project was bittersweet. The title, Relentless, clearly echos her attitude and personality during the creation/recording process. Like many artists who choose the path less traveled, Myshel had people who didn’t believe in her. She will not be boxed in as the ‘sexy’ artist, nor will she allow herself to be put in a ‘modest’ box.

“People have come [and gone] during this process. There’s been some heartaches, tears, and struggles. But in the end, I’m glad to present a product that reeks of me!”

Tonight, Myshel will debut her new songs and sounds to an audience of familiar listeners and new fans. Of the show, Myshel says we are going to see “positivity in action”. She stated that, “This will be one HECK of a show. There will be moments of realness, tugging of heart strings. People will have fun. But, I want my audience to walk away knowing they can help someone, or just, help themselves.”

At the end of our conversation I asked Myshel if she had any last words for fans:

“I want to inspire people to see your dream and go after it! Don’t let fears, addictions, people, or your past take you off the path of achieving your dream. Everyone has something to offer the world – don’t let your current situation deter you.”

You can purchase tickets for Myshel’s show by clicking HERE
Visit Myshel’s website: www.myshelmusic.com
Join her Facebook Fan Page

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