DISCUSSION: Did Amber Rose have better style when she was with Kanye?

So, as I was trying to think myself out of writer’s block this evening, I came across a picture of Amber Rose at some event. She was wearing some sort of Peggy Bundy/Chiquita Banana lady outfit (below). My fellow fashion bloggers were having a field day saying that Amber looked “a hot mess”.

Amber Rose is no sartorial star, but gosh, this was a bad look – even for her. I thought to myself, “Tupac didn’t rise (holographically) for this!” LOL! It made me wonder, do women often dress better when dating more stylish beaus?

It’s true, when she hit the scene with Kanye, she was a traffic stopper. That blond cut, killer body, and (apparent) non-chalant attitude made everyone question her existence on our computer screens. But she seemed to not care – smoking cigarettes and dating the cockiest man known since Napoleon Bonaparte, it took some boldness to walk arm and arm with him.

Some say Kanye orchestrated every clothing choice for Ms. Rose. He even went in record to say (about their jaunt on the front rows of Paris Fashion Week 2010) they didn’t use a stylist. That’s pretty awesome – especially in this time of over styling.

Now, Amber is with teenage fave Wiz Khalifa. He’s no sartorial super power either. While Kanye, lives fashion, Wiz would rather sit outside the mall and smoke ‘something’. Now that Amber and Wiz are engaged, we can only expect more high class Forever 21 ensembles and less edgy urban fashion choices.

Or, is this Amber, the REAL Amber? Is she a puppet of the men she dates – burying her natural beauty under too-tight leggings and over-the-top sunglasses? Maybe she’s just not a very stylish girl?

Meh! It’s up for discussion this week. Let me know what you think.

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