Dear Kanye West . . . Happy Birthday!

The many faces of Kanye
Happy Birthday Kanye!
I’m so happy to share a birthday month with you and all your talents. Even though you are in a relationship with Kim, whom I love yet I am skeptical about her allegiance to your awesomeness, I still think of you as my very fly cousin who made it big in the music industry. You have a successful music company: G.O.O.D Music, you just started a new high-end clothing line named after your mom, and you have another pair of exclusive sneakers hitting the shelves. You are doing the doggone thing!
The Air Yeezy 2
At 35 years old you’ve accomplished more than most with  nonchalance and much bravado. People often call you cocky, arrogant, selfish, and self-centered. But to you and I, it’s just really awesome amounts of confidence! I like forward to the Kanye West who turns 50. Will you still be popping off about how the music industry has no creative influence? How your clothes are works of art that may not be understood? Or, how the media continues to judge and misuse minorities
Whatever your future, make sure you never stop being YOU! We need more Kanye to push us out of the boxes people put us. God gives us many talents. People like you remind us to explore then all, even if the talent may not be a money maker. People like you encourage us to follow our hearts even if it means putting up with the scrutiny of friends and family.
So, have an awesome birthday. I’m sure you’ll do something exceptional or maybe just sit in the studio creating the next head nodder. Happy 35th!
Love Ya,

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