THE IMAGE: Chucks, pleats, and confidence

When I found this image on tumblr I knew I had to share with my Fab Glance readers. When I started Fab Glance, my goal was to make sure women knew that fashion was accessible to all. I like when a woman takes a trend and makes it her own. That takes a certain type of confidence. Confidence is what separates fashionable women from women who ‘just wear clothes’. I’d like to say, at my best times, I’m that woman.

This photo of classic white chucks with a trendy pleated maxi skirt made my head nod. Since learning I have arthritis in both knees, I had to cut back on wearing heels  for long periods of time. I thought transitioning to flats was gonna be a hard experience, but I had to reach within myself to find a certain level of confidence. Yeah, everyone is wearing statement heels, but I made a statement by wearing something different.

Going against the grain is the essence of fashion. I like reporting on trends as soon as I identify them; I like my readers to be on top of the game. However, mixing a trend with one of YOUR classic looks is what REALLY puts you on top of your game. Being different takes confidence, but the results are worth it!

One thought on “THE IMAGE: Chucks, pleats, and confidence

  1. Huney!!!! When I saw your post on instagram, I knew I had to jump my arse on here and read all about this. now Im on the hunt for some pleated fabric!!!! Wooooo child. I'm loving this…soooo girly and chic all in the same!


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