DISCUSSION: Should we kill the white watch trend?

CLICK here to purchase one for me, if you like. 🙂
Anyone who knows me knows I’m a watch FANATIC. Brand names or not, if I like it, I’m trying to figure out a way to buy it. About 3 years ago I was ENTHRALLED with the watch shown above. The J12 white ceramic watch by Chanel was all I could think about! There was no way I could afford this watch – short of swinging on someone’s pole. So I let the dream die.
But fashion is so predictable. As soon as this watch became popular, white watches popped up all over the place! The trend was now IN. Even though I couldn’t purchase my DREAM Chanel watch, I could purchase several different brands with many different an wonderful designs. There’s something about the crisp and clean look of a white watch on the arm of it’s wearer
This Nixon Watch recently caught my eye

But let me clarify, I’m not a fan of men wearing white watches. When I see a man wearing a white watch I just think of Jersey Shore, fist pumps, and god-awful Ed Hardy graphic design t-shirts. It’s just a bad deal for guys. Now ladies, a cute white watch just says summertime to me. But it also screams, ‘my first watch, look at my arm!’ You see why I’m so confused? Oh yeah, badly made white watches get very DIRTY! Ugh, I hate seeing someone wearing a dingy dirty white watch. Cheapens the whole trend.

This Michael Kors white watch is pretty fly

I want to kill the trend because so many people have made the trend look played and over exposed. But then I see someone rocking a very fly white watch and it makes me retract my thoughts. So, I’ll have to give it to you, my readers. 

Are we tired of the white watch trend, or do you think we should keep it going for another season?

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