FASHION NEWS: Vera Wang gives us black wedding gowns

AHHHHH!!!! If anyone knows me, they know when I get married I am NOT wearing a white wedding dress! You won’t get me to do it – you won’t make me. I think it’s so fashionable to wear the dress of your dreams to your big day – be it white or colored. So, when I saw these beautiful black wedding gowns by Vera Wang I had to tell you about it.

Of her new black dresses, Wang says: “I found black to be fresh and tongue-in-cheek,” Ms. Wang said in a telephone interview. “With all the big weddings that happened this year, it was fun to step out of the box.”(Read the rest here)

Vera Wang has been in the wedding business for years. She has a designed for high-profile million dollar weddings but also has an affordable line through David’s Bridal. Vera Wang is doing it!

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