What to wear to TSU Homecoming 2012

It’s that time again! Homecoming season is here! Now, you know I attended Tennessee State University. We are celebrating our centennial – so you know it’s a big deal.

No matter what school you attended, you always have the question of what to wear. There will be parties, bbq’s, private get-togethers, and lots of on-campus activities.  With so many events and so many trends (oh yeah, the weather) it’s hard to decide what’s fly and what a fail. Below, I’ve assembled several looks for you to find inspiration. Take a look!

Homecoming: Pep Rally Pretty

First up is you inspiration for the pep rally. A college homecoming pep rally is a big deal. This is usually the kick-off to the big weekend. This is the time you see your long-lost sorority sisters, that cute ex-boyfriend, or you best friend who moved away. This is the perfect time to keep it cute and classic. The trends for this fall are medicine satchels, gold link chains, and cross jewelry. Here’s a cute way to mix the trends while looking fresh – even if you just stepped off the airplane.

HOMECOMING: Dinner with friends, party with strangers

So after the pep rally, it’s time to get fly for dinner with friends and maybe a party with the co-eds. It’s ideal to find an outfit that transitions from dinner to dancing while looking fab. This body-con dress is a perfect look because it can be dressed up or dressed down. I chose this all black look because it transcends age and size. The fall 2012 trends to try: single-sole pumps, statement earrings, over sized envelope clutches, and dark/berry stained lipsticks.

HOMECOMING: School Spirit with Style

Alright, Saturday morning it’s time for the parade, tailgating, and the big game. This is the time to show your school spirit and keep it comfortable. But hey, you don’t have to look like a slug. I’m all about comfy jeans, designer sneakers, and school paraphernalia. Purchase your school’s t-shirt and jazz your look up with some of the fall cutest trends: quilted cross-body bag (not too big just enough to carry your essentials), a varsity jacket, and super studded earrings.

Homecoming: The show, the afterparty, the hotel

Well, it’s the last party of the weekend. Your team won and it’s time to celebrate with your friends. Find the hottest party in the city and strut your stuff! Maybe that ex-boyfriend will be your ‘next’ boyfriend – LOL! This won’t be the most comfortable outfit, but the instagram/facebook pictures will show a sassy lady having too much fun and celebrating life. Fall trends to mix in: Peplum tops, digital print skirts, and chunky jewelry.

I hope this helps and inspires you to look your best during your homecoming weekend. Hit me up at melissa@melissastyles.com if you have more questions.

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