Nashville Fashion Week 2013: What I Wore

So Nashville Fashion Week has come and gone. It was a great week with awesome shows and a variety of venues. For the rest of this week, I’m going to give you the run down of my favorite designers and moments from the week.

Today, let’s start with what I wore. It was hard to pull looks seeing as I’m not able to wear heels until June due to a foot injury. However, the weather, unseasonably cold, allowed for me to wear my trendy flat boots from the fall/winter season. Heads up there’s lots of Forever 21 and lots of ASOS. I got my life!

Day 1 was the opening night show at the Pinnacle Building. Quite swanky! Flying straight from a family vacation, I had to get ready pretty quick. Luckily I ordered this cute graphic swing dress from ASOS Curve (click here to purchase) and it was waiting for me when I returned home. My jewelry was from Rumors Accessories and Studio 615 Boutique. This look got the most votes on instagram – so I guess everyone liked it.
Day 2 was an outdoor show at Rolling Mill Hills, and industrial space turned retail/living space. It was COLD outside, so I wasn’t able to show off my cute outfit which consisted of a black skater dress from Forever 21, thrift-ed vest and vintage accessories. But at least I was able to snap a couple bathroom pics – LOL.

Day 3 was my favorite day of presentations. The shows were held at Belmont Mansion during the day. Once again, the weather was NOT cooperating – rain and thunderstorms ruled the sky. I bought this dress from Forever 21 for my personal stash, but decided to wear it for the day show. Plus, any reason to wear my new Nike dunks is a reason for me to rock it out.

Day 4 was held at an interesting space, Grand Avenue Limousine.  There were plenty of VIP guests in attendance. Like, I got to talk with Mychal Knight from Project Runway, so I felt quite fancy. The weather was starting to cooperate and I was able to be a bit more creative with my look. A little urban boheme chic for the night. I got so many compliments on my turban. My hi/lo shirt was an 2012 purchase from ASOS, jewelry from Forever 21.

Day 5 was the last night and truthfully, I was TIRED! This night’s event was held at Anthem Night club. The super trendy space was the perfect spot for me to mix casual with comfort. I rocked my newly purchased Jordans with leggings and another skater dress, this time in coral.

I definitely had fun during Nashville Fashion Week. Creating a new look each night was the best part. In addition, being plus-size, I wanted to show that you can rock with the trends too. Next year, I hope to step my game up even more.

Tomorrow I’ll discuss my favorite presentations from Day 1 featuring the looks of Misha NoNoo.

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