MUSIC: Ciara changes the name of her forthcoming album to, ‘Ciara’

This afternoon, Ciara instagramed a picture of her new album, Ciara due to drop July 9th. Originally titiled  One Woman Army, Ciara changed the titled to reflect her improved sound and new direction.

Many people know I RIDE for Ciara! I love her looks, dancing, and her singing. She stays in her lane as she is one of the best dancers in the game (‘specially since Janet Jackson left the game to go get married). When she’s on – she’s on. But when she’s not – whoa boy it’s terrible. That’s why her record company has out many of her albums on the back burner.

However, Ciara is posed to regain the ‘Janet Jackson – dancer who sings‘ role. She’s got a hot new boyfriend/producer (Future) who’s helping her craft this movement. I’m here for it! And I’m LOVING the new artwork for the album. I think she has a hit on her hands.

Check out my fave video from Ciara, Promise. I hope the new album is more like this!

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