EVENT: Brandy Concert at War Memorial Auditorium, June 8

Let me tell you how quickly I whipped out my credit card to purchase a ticket when I found out BRANDY was coming in concert! Honey! You don’t have to tell me twice. I’m a ridiculous Brandy fan and I’m willing to drop a couple bucks to see one of the BEST voices in the industry strut her stuff on the stage.
Fresh off the heels of her record, Two Eleven, Brandy is back and giving us true R&B flavor. The press surrounding her recent concert tour dates has been better that good, it’s great!

“Her ability to both get the crowd on their feet and bring them to their knees was especially evident with her heartfelt renditions of the mid-tempo selection “Without You” from her latest release and “Almost Doesn’t Count” from her “Never Say Never” album.

Every move and every note was a calculated, serious matter that was filled with equal parts passion and intention. With this tour she is obviously attempting to return and stake her claim amongst the female songstresses in rotation – a place that she’s proven herself to be a veteran of. (source)”

Now, Nashville has a chance to see what everyone’s been raving about. Brandy is bringing her show to the historical War Memorial Auditorium on Friday, June 8, 2013, 7p. She’ll be covering her greatest hits and giving us some of her new music. I’ve heard the band and choreography is excellent. Brandy fans are pleased.

This is event is brought to by Lovenoise Nashville

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