Men’s Fashion: How to wear seersucker

Originally posted in 2009
My favorite suit style for men is a seersucker suit. Every man should have a seersucker suit in their wardrobe. The seersucker suit can be cut in various styles: 2 button, 3 button, double-breasted, or just a plain vest. Once you pick your cut, view the Men’s Wearhouse Guide to Wearing Seersucker. They have a simple guide to accessorizing your seersucker.

Johnston & Murphy Seersucker Driving Cap

So, what is seersucker?
Seersucker is made from high-quality, breathable cotton – great for the summer. Seersucker fabric is woven in such a way that it bunches in areas giving the fabric a wrinkled appearance, which means the fabric doesn’t have to be ironed. In addition, the bunched fabric pulls away from the skin, helping air to circulate and bring coolness to the wearer. Fashion etiquette denotes that seersucker suits should be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day – like the old-school thought of wearing white.

Adolfo Men’s Tan/White 2-button Seersucker Suit
Most people refer to seersucker’s classic blue and white color scheme. However fabric can come in a variety of colors such as tan, green, and red. In addition, Seersucker material can be woven into suits, pants, robes, and shorts for men, women, and children. 
Check out vintage/gently worn seersucker suits on Ebay

How do you make your seersucker style stand out from the rest? It’s all in the accessories. The seersucker suit vest (pictured above) has become my instant favorite. Forget about the sport jacket, roll up your sleeves, throw on a bow-tie, and get moving. This look is a great option for Derby days, Steeplechase, or Easter brunch. You can also try the following:
  • v-neck white t-shirt
  • wing-tip shoes
  • classic button down shirt
  • knit or patterned tie
  • suede oxford shoe

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