LINK LOVE: "Did all the good stylists go on strike?!" – Diddy

Same sweater, different guys – sigh!

I was over on when I saw this story. Apparently, Diddy was watching the 2013 BET Awards and was not pleased with the red carpet looks. He went to twitter to rant in frustration:

“Dear artist, Dear Human Brands! The world is watching us! #BetAwards This is our Oscars not the hip hop awards! Show em Black Glamour!” – DIDDY 

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In true fashion, when we watch ANY awards show, we are always looking at what our favorite stars are wearing. Shoot, I just finished a ‘Best Dressed’ post. Even though, I found a couple celebs stepping up their game, I had the same question Diddy asked, “Where are the stylists?”

Not the best, but not amazing.

 The ladies looked, okay, but most of the guys didn’t even try! Even though there’s no set dress code for the BET awards, this is one of the nationally broadcasted awards where Black celebrities can step out in their finiest. Plus, this is an age when a black celeb can get their hands on some amazing designer and vintage luxury threads – I agree with Diddy, we gotta step it up! And just because it’s designer, doesn’t make it the best!

I can’t wait to get my turn to be a celeb stylist. No matter my client, I’m gonna do my best to help them balance their personality, creativity, and luxury brand management with optimum style and individuality! Let’s step it up celebs!

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