MODEL BEHAVIOR: Beyonce is covered in gold for Flaunt Magazine

I really didn’t plan for this to be Beyonce week on Fab Glance – but I mean, you gotta give props were props are due. Anyway, Beyonce shot this spread for Flaunt Magazine back in 2011. Apparently, she allowed the magazine to release the photos this week as the magazine will re-launch their physical production.

Check out

I mean, I really don’t have anything artsy or fashion-y or smart to say . . . ummm . . . so she just is looking flawless. The wardrobe stylist and photographer (Tony Duran) DID THEIR THING and if I was Beyonce, I’d have EACH AND EVERY shot hanging in my home. She did that. The shoot is what I’ll describe as ‘Galaxy Africana’ and it is amazing!!!

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