90 Days Til Fashion Week – PREP with FabGlance

Alrighty ladies and gents! The holidays are over and it’s time to get ready! Get ready for what? Nashville Fashion Week of course! Every year Nashville Fashion Week gets bigger and better. Better designers, amazing venues, and awesome personal style. Working the red carpet and reporting on the social scene, I have to make sure to be on my game every year.

Nashville Fashion Week 2013

This year I decided to show you how I prepare for the big week. On April 1 – 5 Nashville Fashion Week 2014 will take over the city. That’s less than 90 days away! It’s the perfect amount of time to prep for the event. Every week, I’ll share some of my preperation for the event. I’ll be focusing on four catagories:

THE BODY: No matter who you are, you want to look your best during fashion week. During 90 Days til Nashville Fashion Week I’ll share my workout plans and diet tips. Working out and dieting is not only to aid in losing weight, but helping you build stamina to handle the hectic rush of the week.

THE CLOTHES: For five days, cameras will flash, not just on the runway, but also on the red carpet and the after-party scene. I’ll make sure to spotlight hot trends, local boutiques, and awesome style to help you enhance your personal style for the big week. Plus you can help ME decide what to wear that week too!

THE NETWORK: Wanna know the hot bloggers, social media socialites, and Nashville natives to follow during Nashville Fashion Week 2014? Make sure to check out Fab Glance every week until the big event as I spotlight some of my favorite Nashville natives who’ll give you the inside scoop on the event.

THE EVENT: Well, DUH, of course you’ll want to know who’ll be the hot designers coming down the runway! I’ve got ya covered. Being a media partner for Nashville Fashion Week, I’ll have the inside scoop.

So keep your eyes on Fab Glance as I prep for Nashville Fashion Week. Follow me on Twitter and tag your own fashion week preparation with #PrepWithFabGlance

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