#OOTD: The Cold War

#OOTD: The Cold War

OHMYGOSH! It’s so cold outside. I know everyone has said the same thing. I really don’t care how many times it’s said. I will always agree, and I will add an additional complaint. Of course, it got me to thinking, I probably should do an outfit of the day for this cold weather.

I’ve had this Edith Miller Camo sweat-shirt dress in my Polyvore queue for a long time. This cold weather was the perfect time to use it. It’s a long, warm, and stylish just right for dashing to the car or train. Underneath, I added a pair of sweater leggings. Regular leggings just won’t do in ONE DEGREE temps. I’d suggest layering your leggings if you have to stand outside.

Adding a punch of style to this cold weather concoction are these awesome Vince Camuto over-the-knee suede/pony hair boots. The boots are flat so you won’t be slipping on the ice but stylish. This suede and wool aviator jacket is super warm and cozy too. Oh yeah can’t forget the scarf and gloves.

Love the items in this set? Hit up www.fabglance.polyvore.com for shopping details or just click the photo.

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