Prep With Fab Glance: Week 1

Whew! It’s been a BUSY week! But I know I promised to share my preparations for Nashville Fashion Week 2013. So lets get started! First of all, make sure you are following me on Instagram, Tumbler, Facebook, and/or Twitter – you can get daily updates on my #PrepWithFabGlance adventures!
Ok so this week, I went HARD on working on my body. For the next couple of week, I’ve adopted a primarily vegetarian diet. I’ve subtracted refined sugars and fried foods as well. It’s important to get your body ready for fashion week because you don’t realize how TIRING it will be. No matter what fashion week you attend, in whatever city, if you decide to attend the whole week, you will be tired as crap and end up sick as a dog! So, even if you don’t take a 90 day approach like me, try to get your rest a couple weeks before the big show.
Of course I’ve been hitting the gym, but I’ve also been getting my TWERK on. That’s right – you read it. But don’t think of that Miley Cyrus B.S. – I attend the TWERKOUT with Code Jay Fitness. Like the flyer says, “Twerkout is the NEW werkout!” and it is so much more! 
In each one hour class, participants burn more than 1,000 calories! You don’t even realize it because the bumping music and throbbing bass beats have you moving your body. And Jay, the instructor is super fun and ultra encouraging, he’ll make you think you can do ANYTHING! Jay is definitely getting me ready for the fun and fabulous-ness of fashion week.
Next week I’ll get into some of the clothes I’m planning on wearing to Nashville Fashion Week and I’ll spotlight some of my favorite Nashville blogger that YOU need to follow in preparation for the big day.

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