#OOTD: Sophisticated Snuggle

#OOTD: Sophisticated Snuggle

Who’s ready for winter to be over? *raises hand* ME! I’m from Massachusetts and even I AM ready for THIS winter to be over – it’s just so cold!
Now, I don’t know when I started hating wearing coats, but my hate is in full view now. So, now I’ve started mastering the art of layering. Truth be told, I’m fortunate enough not to have to spend too much time outside. You know, house to car to store/work back to car back home. I may be in the actual elements – about ten minutes. Wearing layers allows you to be stylish, warm, and convenient. If you get too hot at work, take off a layer, you still look stylish.
Today’s look is a mix of neutral colors that work if you rock all the layers at once or when you take the layers off as you get warmer.

Hope this inspires you to brave the cold in a stylish yet sophisticated way.

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