#OOTD: What to wear on Valentine’s Day 2014

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! Any day deveoted to showing love is a reason to celebrate. So why not dress up? I’ve created these outfit inspirations for you! Wondering what to wear for Valentine’s Day? I got you covered! I’ve combined some of my fave trends to make you look cute, lady-like, or BOSSY for Valentine’s Day.

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#OOTD: High -School Sweetheart #ValentinesDay

First up, for my high-school/college readers, you may or may not have a boo for Valentine’s Day but you should still look festive. This cute look is just girly enough for a surprise date with that special someone or lunch with your girls.

THE TRENDS: Quirky loafers, pink & black combos, and over-sized satchels.

#OOTD: Girls Night Out #ValentinesDay

Ok, so you ditched the boyfriend right after Christmas – GOOD RIDDANCE! Valentine’s Day falls on a friday this year, and you girls are going out. Rock this bossy outfit with influence on the day but casualness to show, you don’t really care.

THE TRENDS: Varsity Jackets, Vintage Lux Bag, Sailor Stripes

#OOTD: Date Night #ValentinesDay

Ok so it’s date night! Maybe he’s you husband, maybe boyfriend, or maybe this is a new guy. Anyway give him a dose of sessy and sexy with this cute ensemble. Inspired by looks that you ay ALREADY have in you closet, this look will bring a smile to his face and kiss from his lips.

THE TRENDS: Bodycon Dress, Estate Inspired Jewels, Sparkle Clutch

So, have an awesome Valentine’s Day. Even if you don’t have a date, dress up anyway, buy yourself some flowers, go out to dinner with your faves. It’s just one day!

#OOTD: Lacy Love #ValentinesDay

Check out this bonus look featuring my newest FAVORITE Chanel perfume bottle bag. Sometimes you don’t have to wear read to celebrate the day. Super cute!

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