MUSIC & STYLE: Zendaya ‘Replay’ at Fashion Week

You probably don’t have any idea who this young lady may be – but your young daughter, cousin, or little sister is probably in love with her. Zendaya Coleman was once the star of Disney’s Shake it Up, then became the youngest participant on Dancing With the Stars, now she’s recording an album. The gorgeous, leggy (5’10”), dancer and singer, has the beauty of Cassie, the moves of a young Chris Brown, and the pizzazz Aaliyah.

Then, she’s stylish! I’ve had my eye on this girl since her time on Dancing With the Stars. She and her stylist Law Roach have developed Zendaya into this urban fashionista. Her youth shines through, but the polish is all about having a great team, plus the 17 year-old is straight-up gorgeous. If she weren’t a singer (and the girl can sing) I’m sure she’d be a model.

Zendaya Coleman during NYFW 2014

Zendaya took over New York Fashion week this past month. Sporting exclusive looks from a bevy of hot designers, Zendaya was seen on the front row of a couple of shows, while being snapped by photogs leacving other shows. I mean, the girl’s got style!

Oh yeah, she even has a platinum hit single! I mean, geesh, her talent is unwavering. Let’s hope she sticks to her guns giving her fans what they love: good pop music, smooth dance moves, a cute-as-a-button personality, and STYLE!

Below, enjoy Zendaya’s new single, ‘Replay’. I’ve replayed this song about 50x, it’s just so darn catchy. Congrats young lady, you are definitely a star on the rise.

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