MODEL BEHAVIOR: ICONIC model Pat Cleveland for Numero Russia

If you don’t know who Pat Cleveland is – and you think you know fashion – you can jump off a bridge. No really, go, jump! Ok, well Pat Cleveland is known as revolutionizing the scene for black models in the WORLD! She’s been in the game for a long, long, long, time! And, now, at 60 years old, she’s on the cover of Numero Russia with male model Conrad Bromfield.

The provocative shoot, styled by Andre Leon Talley showcases the iconic model rocking Tom Ford’s Spring 2014 line. Of the modeling industry and Pat’s role in race relations in the the industry, Tom Ford said, “I am happy to say that I am color blind, and I simply cast the two people that I most wanted to work with and who I find beautiful. Pat Cleveland is iconic, yet she is still completely current as a model. Her age is irrelevant because her aura and what she is able to bring to a shoot and project to the camera is ageless and timeless.”

I mean, she still GOT IT! Enjoy her risque yet fab shoot!

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