Prep With Fab Glance (Nashville Fashion Week): Week 6

WHOA! I’ve been lax on my pre-Nashville Fashion Week coverage, but please believe, I’ve been working extra hard as the week comes around. First up, let’s talk Nashville Fashion Week – the SHOWS!

If you hadn’t been to the NFW website, you don’t know that the schedule is coming together – slowly but surely. CLICK HERE for the official schedule. My favorite thing about NFW is how the planners choose various locales for each night. The NFW board makes sure to showcase these amazing locations that gives attendants awesome views of Nashville’s nightlife and historical sights.

  • The fist night of NFW opens up at The Rosewall, a new and exciting event space created by the guys at MStreet (Virago, Whiskey Kitchen, and Kayne Prime). 
  • The second night, The Emerging Designers Showcase, will take place at Ruby event space near Vanderbilt University. The second night is ALREADY sold out! 
  • A huge Gala Dinner is set to take place on the third night, however the location is TBA. 
  • Friday night is already shaping up to be my FAVORITE night of NFW 2014! Friday night’s show takes place on 5th Avenue of the Art right on the STREET! I love the outside events; let’s just hope the weather cooperates.
  • My sources say that the LAST night of NFW2014 is gonna be BANANAS! It has to be, they haven’t even released the info yet – and whoa – I heard the special guests are gonna blow your mind. As soon as I know, you’ll know!

CLICK HERE to check out all the designers presenting this year. More designers are set to come.

Putting in that work!

As for me, I’m keeping the party going. Working out is going well. So far, I’ve lost 15lbs – whoop-whoop! The gym has become my new best friend, as well as going to WerkOut classes at Code Jay Fitness. Seriously, you need to check out Code Jay! Each class burns more than 1,000 calories! If you can’t get fit going to Jay’s class – you really aren’t trying. LOL!

    This sparkle skirt is ALL the things!
    And, the outfits are coming together slowly but surely. I swear, I’m like such a procrastinator when it comes to planning my clothes for special events. So far I’ve purchased this AMAZING sequin pencil skirt from I love it already, and you will see it again after NFW2014.
    And then I ordered this sequin bodycon dress too. Listen, I’m like addicted to sequin and I’m not ashamed. LOL! However, I got a couple other cute looks up my sleeve. I shall be shopping my closet and remixing some of my favorite looks. I’m fashionable, but I’m frugal too!
    So that’s the update for the week. We have the more weeks left til the big event! I hope you get to make it out! Follow me on twitter and Instagram for more #prepwithFabGlance updates.

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