Nashville Fashion Week 2014: Day 1

Nashville Fashion Week 2014 start with a luxurious and swanky bang last night. The venue was packed with Nashville’s most stylish residents as we watched eight designers present their looks for the 2014 season. If last night’s show is any indication of how the week will go, I’m sure attendants are going to have an amazing time.

Shout out to the NFW planning commitee, the show started and ended on time! If you were late, you may have missed out. Oh yeah, make sure you follow me on Instagram and Facebook for up to the minute pics and video from each night I attend the event.

So, lets start with what I wore then I’ll talk about the presentations:

For the first night I decided to go for a glam and sparkly look. Like, seriously, I’m so in love with this skirt! The skirt and peplum skirt are from the ‘Curve’ line. Both pieces were on sale but aren’t avalible anymore. Sorry! The shoes I purchased from Torrid during a Black Friday sale. The shoes were only $15! And of course, they are no longer available. I’m the type to purchase clothes and save them to the next season.

Nashville Fashion Week 2014 started quite swanky! The event was held at Rosewall event space near Virago. It’s a lovely space and quite large! I could see this space being used in so many ways. That’s why I love Nashville Fashion Week, the event coordinators scout various locations in Nashville for each night’s presentation.
Loving this dramatic dress, with cutouts, by Laura Kathleen
On day one there were presentations from: Elizabeth Suzann, Pink Elephants Designs, Brooke Atwood, Abi Ferrin, Melrose Space, Lagi Nadeau, Laura Kathleen, and Black by Maria Silver. My favorite was definitely Laura Kathleen’s body-con ultra feminine looks. Abi Ferrin had the best music. Black by Maria Silver had the most edge. And Melrose Space had the most dramatic looks.
Melrose Space 10 had these chic caftans

I just wanted to give you a sneak peak at Day 1 of Nashville Fashion Week! On Sunday, I have an entire round-up of eachday I attended. Will you be at the event? Say HOLA if you see me!

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