#BloggerLife: What I Wore to the Questlove DJ Set

Hola! What did you do this weekend? On Friday, I got to see Questlove from the legendary Roots Crew do a DJ set! Yeah. If you missed it – you missed OUT! Make sure you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to stay up on what’s going on in Nashville. 

So, thanks to the wonderful people of Lovenoise, I was able to see Questlove live. This was my THIRD time seeing Quest and he did not dissapoint! Listen, dude just hit the tables and spin for three hours – THREE FRICKIN HOURS! It was his usual, history of music spin, but he was just SO HAPPY to be there. Plus, I loved the crowd. It was mixed – most would think these people didn’t live in Nashville, but we do. Thanks to the Roots being on the Tonight Show, his fanbase has exploded. It was just amazing.

Check out www.Lovenoise.com for more concerts coming this summer – seriously, there’s so many FLY artists coming this summer.

So, knowing that Questlove was going to do a 3 hour set, I knew I wanted to me comfortable but cute. I am NOT ashamed to wear sneakers or flats out –  as long as I look cute. One day, I was at Target. I usually wander to the men’s section to see their t-shirt selection. Target is the SPOT to find cool t-shirts. Listen, when I saw this Wu-Tang Clan t-shirt, I flipped! I knew I had to have it. Being that it’s a men’s shirt, I had to make it feminine. I cut the t-shirt across the top so I’d get that cute slouch effect.

I paired this with my FAVE black leggings and a pair of black & white Converse. Oh, my jewelry: my earrings are from Target and my necklace from Charlotte Russe. Listen, Charlotte Russe is my new trendy jewelry spot. This necklace was $8.

Currently, the Wu-Tang Clan shirt is $12.50. Ladies, the shirts run big, so you can do the super slouchy thing or you can get a small or medium for a more fitted look.

Purchase here

Hope you like it? What’s your fave way to dress for a hip-hop concert?

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